Not everything in the game has sub-titles - although there is text in the Dialog-File
To understand the "story", here is the rest!


  Scene Telephone call in Stanleys office in the "Wild Chicken Club"
Stanley: Yes? No. Handle it. Mike is on his way to the old woman. What...? Avocados...? Tell me, did the girls muck around with you?! This is a kidnapping, you idiots! Not a stop at the Beauty-Farm! Aren't you able to handle three chicks! If you get something out of them, call me and kill 'em! Right?! ...Avocados...
  Scene with Lula and Gina on the road to Las Vegas
Gina: Hey Lady, are you going to Vegas? Can you give me a ride?
Lula: Now? Rigth now? Oh, is it urgent? All right. Hop in!
Gina: Ok, now, could we go please?
Lula: Yesyes,all right.
Gina: Oh, look behind you.
Lula: Oh oh... Are those the Cops...?
Gina: Those are the Cops.
Police: State Patrol! Stop the car right now!
Lula: Sorry, Officer, we have not time for that. Hold on!
Gina: Should I shoot the tires? I've got a gun. Here.
Lula: Better not. You could hurt somebody. Ok. Do it.
Gina: Whoooohooo! I hit it! CU, you loosers!
Lula: Oh Man.Maybe it was not such a good idea to give you a lift...
Gina: Tell me - do I know you from somewhere?
Lula: That depends, what you are watching - on TV.
Gina: Oh, you work in the TV business?
Lula: So to speak...
Gina: Let me guess - You moderate some sort of gardening show!
Lula: Allmost. I am a movie producer. Lula Movie Productions. We do - well, lets say: Adult Entertainment.
Gina: Aaaaah, I knew it. Yep, I think, my father owns a couple of hunderds of your movies.
Lula: Oh, a true fan, he is.
Gina: Hmhm, you could say that. But you should call him a rich, horny, old man.
Lula: such speaking about your father - and my movies!
Gina: No, your movies are ok. But there are some problems between my father and myself. Screw it, I can handle it.
Lula: And - what was that at the dinner...? The hogtied shop boy and all that stuff...?
Gina: I've robbed him! Pulled out the gun - Stick up - money out. The whole programm, like in a movie. Cool, isn't it?
Lula: Really cool. You will go to jail for that number, Darling.
Gina: Nooo way. I've got you! My accomplice, who drove the gettaway car and drove away from the police.
Lula: That it is what is going on...!
Gina: Hey, relax. In a few hours we are off and away, you will take me home, and nobody is able to accuse us.
Lula: And - what are you doing with that money?
Gina: Hmmm, I think, I will go Downtown and feed the Slotmachines.
Lula: And what is your Dad thinking about it?
Gina: Well, I don't care that much...right now...with you by my side....Ok, and now tell me, what do you want to do in Las Vegas.
Lula: The whole story?
Gina: The whole story!
Lula: OK, listen! Two days ago...
Gina: Wow, what an exciting story. Take care of you, if you go after those guys....
Lula: Ok here we are. This is it I guess...
Gina: What about it, will I see you again?
Lula: Well, no idea - why not...? Here! - My card, the cell phone number is on it too.
Gina:Cool. I'll call you, believe me. So...see you soon...*KISS*
Lula:Holla... Well, you are a wild girl! Thats for sure...
  Scene in Las Vegas..Gina saves the Day
Gangster: Are you planning to go away? No hurry. I will take care of Ms. Schreiber.
Lula: DAMN...
Gina: You will not. You just have two seconds to live.
Lula: That was good Timing, my dear. Not a minute to soon. Are you fed up with daddy?
Gina: Something like that. He threw me out.
Lula: Oh. I understand.
Gina: And I wanted to see you again. *touch*
Lula: is not allowed to disturb the driver.
Gina: Do you think, Ms. Schreiber will get along ont he airport?
Lula: Sure. I told here, she should take the plain to Toronto, to my friends. She will be save there. I can tell you.
Gina: So? Who are those people, your friends?
Lula: You don't want to know it.
Gina: Ooooh. Top Secret, or what? Ok, 007. Take us to Mount Rushmore!
Lula: Aua! Don't touch me, I have to drive.
  Scene #1 MT Rushmore
Lula: Ok! I will take a look at this place...
Gina: And what about us? What should we do?
Lula: You wait here and watch out, that I don't get shot or get kidnapped or that somebody scratches the varnish of my car.
Gina: The bloodhound and me, hm? Well, that plan can't fail!
Lula: I say! See you soon - sweeties!
  Scene #2 MT Rushmore
Gina: Man, you really pissed him off. What did you do to him?
Lula: Nothing?! What did he say...?
Gina: He said, the place on the photo is a western town called Colorado Creek.
Lula: Colorado Creek? Oh no! I am afraid, that is...
Gina: That is what...?
Lula: That is the place, on that Dave Lymph is shooting his latest movie...
Gina: Dave Lymph? I don't know him! And - is that bad? Could be cool, to visit the set of a movie.
Lula: You don't know Dave...
Gina: Why, does he bite?
Lula: No, not something like that but...well, see for yourself...
  Scene #3 MT Rushmore
NKA-Guy Bräd P.: Stooop! What is that, Sister?
Lula: Hm...looks like 50 Cents?
Bräd P.: That is right. LOOKS LIKE 50 Cents! You gave me a damn dog tag!
Lula: No way! Everyone could have done that.
Bräd P.: Dusty...? *BARK* SEE! That is the name of your dumb dog! And - wait a second...isn't that a 57er Chevy! Eye-catching vanished! You are the two girls from the robberyl!
Lula: Bullshit...pure coincidence.
Gina: Listen, Sherlock Holmes, we have no time to waste. We are leaving now.
Bräd P.Just a mooooooment. You can't walk aways just this easy! You stay here. And I will call the cops.
Gina: Are you nutsl! Lets drive! Come on, Lula. Leave this boy alone.
  Colorado Creck VILLAGE
Scene at the beginning
Dave: AAAAND ACTION! Rodeo Astronaut, Take 35, The second. AAAAND THX! Superb. Grandios. Brilliant. We leave the bird in it, that has something...anticyclical, do you understand? THX kids, we are done for today.
Gina: Are you kidding me, is he crazy or what...?
  Scene in the trailer
Oooh, is that a muzzle-loader? With a big recoil. I will help you to unlock it. I love the reload sound!
  Scene Lula and the ape
Lula: So, little man, you don't need that anymore! Come on, King Kong... Give me the doll! Let's see...there is a brochure in that doll... ...look at that, Gina, it is a brochure about a Beauty-Farm...There are some strange notes...Josh must had writen them down... Gina, Sweety? Write it on my back please..., so we won't lose this information... Should I tell you something, Gina? This Beauty has to be that one, Ms. Schreiber told me about. She was there with the girls a couple of times. Josh did use this place as a hideout! We should check that location.
  Scene the police cops arrive
Dave: Grandios, Officers! Please turn a little bit to the light, than you will have nicer shadows. Jack - the camera. Just act natural. And please, wait for the camera to get ready, befor you start shooting.
Cop 1: Hey, Luke. Did the - beeeeeep - just said something?
Cop 2: Yeah. You should shoot him, when the camera is ready.
Cop 1: Yeah. No problem. You sick bastards are shooting a - beeeeep - movie, right? You should be blown away, punks. But we are just here, to arrest those two bitches, who own that pimp-car over there. If one of you - beeeeep - bastards has something against it, just lift you arm and get your ass kicked. Questions?
Dave: You guys look cool.
Cop 1: Comapred to yourselft, sure boy.
Cop 2: Hehehe. Yeah.
Gina: You, Lula, do you know what, this all is a joke. Mr. Einstein made a joke.
Lula: Let me handle that. Don't you think, that two big guys like you need a break? Maybe even some...stimulation?
Gina: No big words, Lula. Officer, she means: - Beeep -.
Cop 1: Bah. I rather would - Beeep - my own damn wife.
Gina : REALLY? You damn pervert, hehehe.
Cop 2: Yeah, hehehe. Well than, girls, shut up and just wait - or I will order some bodybags, got it?
Lula: Tell us, how did you two super cops find us ?
Cop 1:We followed the parfum cloud!
Gina: Funny.
Lula: And - how DID you find us?
Cop 1: Do you really think it is hard, to finde two, almost naked, chicks, who drive around in a candy color varnished car? You've been spotted on every second corner. Some of the guys, we talked to, planned to organize sightseen tours by helicopter.
Lula: Oh. Sounds plausible . We should think about that.
Gina: Ähm ...what is the offence, Officer?
Cop 1: Armed robbery, - beeeeep - shooting with the plice, hit and run. Yeah. And for your relief of the strain, I've only got the attack on this damn - beeeep - at Mount Rushmore.
Gina: You are really two tolerant, educated boys.
Cop 1: We - beeeep - on your - beeep - beeeep - , You - beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep - !!! And now, move your - beeeeeeeeeeeep - over there!!!
Cop 1: 09 to central. We've got 'em. Send us two more men and a - beeeeeeeeeeeep - breakdown lorry. Ok, and now , we are waiting for the colleagues and be nice and silent.
[02840][12]Damn - BEEP - !!!"[F02840]
***Fight Sounds***
  - WET ROCK - Scene
Chrissy: Lula!
Lula: Chrissy. My God, I am so glad.
Gina: Hello, Chrissy.
Lula: This is Gina, Chrissy. A friend of mine.
Chrissy: Hi.
Lula: So, now tell us. What has happend? What about your sisters?
Chrissy: It was a nightmare, Lula. We were sitting in a dirty cellar in New Orleans. This damn bastards didn't give us enough food and water. And every two hours, they came and questioned us. Because of this statues from the Marginy-Grave.
Lula: And? Did you tell them?
Chrissy: How? What do I know, where those things are. Dad haven't told us!
Lula: Who are those guys? What is Spandaus connection to this guys mit?
Chrissy: That, I can tell you. One of our guards, an idiot named Mike, told us the whole story. Do you know about the museum robbery?
Lula: Yes. Your mother told me about it.
Chrissy: Ok. The former gang was Stanley from the "Wild Chicken Club", Mike, three other guys , and Les Spandau. Spandau drove the getaway car.
Lula: He was part of it? Unbelievable.
Chrissy: Yes. And listen to that: It was an ordered job. Marigny it selft instructed the guys. Everything went smooth. They had planed, to hide the prey an let grow grass about the robbery. So they deposited the statues near the mausoleum of the Mrignys Family, to sell them later and split the profit.
Lula: ...till Josh found the statues - and than, our friends got a problem.
Chrissy: Right. They were thinking, Marigny was lying - and that he doesn't want to share. There was a fight...
Lula: ...and they shot him. I know. And now, the gangsters are looking for the statues, and they are thinking, you are the keys to that riddle.
Chrissy: I guess so, yes...
Lula: What about Spandau?
Chrissy: The thing about Spandau is unbelievable. Lula, he is lying to you, since he is working for you. He commenced to work for you, just to be close to us.
Lula: What?
Chrissy: Yes. He hoped, that through us, he will find out, where the statues are. Constantly, he searched through our rooms in your house , to get his hands on them. But he never found something.
Lula: Well, he did, a few day ago, he found: The letter from our father. He brought the old gang back together, and they kidnapped you. But - what did they try to achieve?
Chrissy: They must have planed to beat the truth out of us, where the statues are. They planned to kidnapp our mother. They told us, she in in their hands allready...that isn't true isn't it?
Lula: No way. We got her to safety. Unless, they catched her at the airport....
Gina: Can't be. Or could it be? Did someone go after us? I didn't saw that!
Lula: Ok, what ever. The only thing we can do, is to finde the clues. We have to finde the statues by ourselfs. The statues are the life insurance of you sisters and your mother. If the gangsters will find the statues in the first place, there is no reason, to let them live.I suggest, we try to catch some sleep, and we will be back on the road tomorrow morning.
Chrissy: Where to?
Lula: To the Beauty Farm, you were there as kids.
Chrissy: What? What do we want there?
Lula: I can explain it to you tomorrow on the road? We have to sleep now.
  Wet Rock - Lula - Gina - Scene
Gina: Lula....?|Lula....!?
Lula: What is it?
Gina: I can't sleep...
Lula: Why not?
Gina: It is cold in here and Chrissy pulls away the blanket from my side all the time...
Lula: Ok, ok, than come on my side, my blanket is bigger...Uuuh...Can I ask you, what are you doing...?
Gina: What....?
Lula: You know what.
Gina: Oooh, that...?
Lula: Yes...
  - Scene - The Girls are save -
Cop 1: You are under arrest, my friend!
Cop 2: Yahaaa.....
Spandau: Damn! - How do you find me?
Lula: Puhhhh...what a ugly nightmare!
Cop 1: The dog saved you!
Cop 2: Yahaaaaa.....
Cop 1: Man, stop that!
Lula: Dusty, my dear friend! - How did Dusty do that?
Cop 1: He barked so lond in the phone, till we couldn't stand it anymore!+
Cop 2: Yahaaaaa.....
Cop 1: Johooo...stop that! We traced the number back... ...drove to this place! First we took a look in the cellar... ...and we found a couple of robbed statues! - Beside of that Mr. Spandau is WANTED... ....because he broke up some gum machines.
Cop 2: Jahaaaaaa....
Cop 1: Than we've got it, you must be one of the good ones!!!
Cop 2: Yahaaaaaa....
Cop 1: And in the cellar, we found two girls hogtied, friends of yours!
Cop 2: Yahaaaaaa....
Cop 1: MAN! My nerves..stop it....
Triplet: There you are!!!
Triplet: I am so happy, I found you !
Chrissy: Finally!!!! I've got you back!
Triplet: Come on....lets get out of here and do a wild reunion party!
Cop 2: Yahaaaaaaa...
Cop 1: I will kill him...I will kick his butt!
  - End - Scene - the Party -
Triplet: Wow, great party! I needed that!
Lula: But we earned it! The last couple of days were quiet hard!
Triplet: What about Spandau and Stanley? How long will they be in jail?
Lula: Oh, I think about twenty years. Robbery, Blackmailing, Kidnapping ...attempted murder.
Gina: I bet some trouble is still ahead of us.
Lula: Because of the dinner. No way, I've invited Senator Clark, he will put in a good word for us .
Gina: Pha! Senator Clark, this corrupt fatso! Why should he do that?
Lula: You know, I met the Senator befor. I should have taken a photo of him. But today, I will give him a copy of such a picture as a present. Girls, I've got a surprise for for you. Here, that is for you, in memory of this adventure.
Triplet: Wow
Lula: Of course, these are replication! But good ones! The real statues are back in the museum.
Triplet:What about the last two presents?
Lula: Oh! One is for myself. I love presents!
Triplet: And the other one?
Lula: Its for Dusty! He was with us the whole time! And he needs a new dog tag.
Dusty, look what I've got for you! OH NO! Help him out of there, this can't be, Dusty!