Yo! For all english / american LULA Fans!!!

I translated ALL levels into English!
(The In-Game-Menue/Items/Dialogs)
That was quiet some work.... !

I know that there is a complete translation on the web...but from a machine...
This is my way to say THX for over 17 000 Visitors on my site.

So if you call this SICK...well.... you came to the right place!

Download the ZIP file, read the README!... I know there are some mistakes...well if you would like to write me an Email about THAT, please be polite...otherweise I will delet the message instantly!

Lula 3d English Subtitles For All Levels by Sickboxx
Level 1

Level 2+3+4+5+

Level 6+7+8+9

I am not responsible for any damage these files could do to your computer system.