Here is it, the Save-Game Section. If you have problems with the game,
try one of these game states.

- Simply all Levels in one pack (zip).

Lulas Mansion

Level 1 carkey:
Just one more thing to do, find Lulas car keys - than hit the road.

San Francisco

SF start:
The Beginning of the Level SAN FRANCISCO

SF Door open:
The Door is open to Spandaus building.

SF front club:
The door to the Club is open, but you can still go through the town for a walk.

SF in the CLUB:
Lula is ready for clubbing

SF Club floor2:
No Gangster is blocking the second floor of the club

Desert Restaurant

Highway START:
Ready to drink some coffee and finde a new friend

Right after Lula beat the gangster, just go to the diner to end the level

Las Vegas

Las Vegas start:
Ready to find Miss Schreiber

Las Vegas End:
Get to Miss Schreiber and tell her about your end this level

MT Rushmore

MT Rushmore sta:
The very beginning of the Mount Rushmore level

MTRM cata start:
Ok, you've got your catapult, now you can give 'em hell!

MTRM 1Doll:
Dusty brought the first doll to you, talk to Gina about it!

Colorado Creek

western start:
The beginning of the Colorado Creek level

Beauty Farm

Beauty Farm:
The beginning of the Beauty Farm level

Those are the Savegames, the five shooting games, the big final of Lula 3d